Monday, May 16, 2011

painted me a room - paint me a picture

painted room

I'd picked up paint last FALL with the intention of completing our tween's room makeover by Halloween.

Then life happened... bringing with it lots of unexpected changes.

It's taken a bit of time but we're finally in a groove. Tony brought the paint back in for a "re-stir" and I was bound and determined not to let it sit for another eight months. I went up to tape this morning and ended up painting the entire room! The boy LOVES it and the room makeover is officially underway. (I'll be sure to share pictures once everything is in place.)

Received a bit of fun mail today as well:

painted picture

I thought it so fitting.

We have big things going on this week with the basement remodel as well... sheetrock will be going up!!

Gotta go, Words With Friends is calling.

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