Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blogiversary Prize Drawing #2


As you might have noticed in THIS POST, my family and I recently saw Toy Story 3 at the IMAX theater. It made me a little bit sad mainly because children used to be such a huge fans - so much so, that one may or may not have dressed up one Halloween in a Toy Story costume that required a wig.

I may or may not have proof.

Anyway, there may be a Toy Story fan or two out there celebrating birthdays or dressing up in their own SWEEEEET Halloween costumes this year. And this prize would make for the perfect scrapbooking accessory:

toy story

To enter the drawing, add a comment to this post sharing a costume you may or may not have donned at one time or another. (A winner will be chosen sometime within the next 24 hours!)

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Anonymous said...

A co-worker and myself dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 (characters in The Cat and the Hat by Dr. Suess) on Read Across America Day. We dressed in long red underwear and blue wigs.

Lori V said...

Me and my best friend Toni dressed like the California raisins when we were in 9th grade and then we ducked in the bushes when the guys we liked drove their car down the street, ugh what were we thinking?

Colleen Warmka said...

During college I dressed as a gumball machine with a large garbage bag filled with small multi colored balloons. . .

Karin J. said...

I dressed as Raggedy Ann when I was about 10 (does anyone even know who that is anymore?). My son Benji dressed as Buzz Lightyear last Halloween. He was extremely cute and still wears the costume often. When he wears his Buzz pajamas, if you press his button on his chest he makes his wings shoot out. If he wears his Woody PJs and you push the belt buckle, he shoots you with both hands. Boys!