Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blogiversary Prize Drawing #1


Speaking of vacations, my family and I will be taking a Disney cruise (our first - on both counts... Disney and cruise!) sometime next year. The kids are EXTREMELY excited, even the teenager. I thought I'd share a bit of the excitement with you, by making this item the first prize drawing item:

disney mini album

It's a mini album, the perfect way for kids to remember their special vacation (the perfect album for kids to complete themselves). The kit includes a mini paper album, sheet of epoxy stickers, paper ribbon, and four paper die-cuts. To enter this drawing, let me know one of your vacation memories by adding it as a comment to this post. (It can be a recent vacation memory or one from your childhood - big or small, it doesn't matter.) One winner will be chosen within the next 24 hours!

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Crystal said...

I went to Disneyworld when I was little. I LOVED meeting all of the characters. I went back when I was older and I really enjoyed checking out all of the countries at Epcot. If I win this prize I'll be giving it to my friend who just took her family to Disneyworld.

Annette said...

It was when we took our 1st family vacation to Disney World in 2007. I or husband never have been at Disney as a kid so it was very special because all four of us got to experience our 1st visit there together as a family. It definitely was worth the wait! It really is a place for all ages as I felt like a kid again, especially at Magic Kingdom. It is magical to be blessed with laughter with your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to anything connected with Disney, but people seem to enjoy going. I never went on vacations as a child, as I grew up on a farm. Our family vacations have mostly been to Itasca State Park in northern Minnesota.

Lori V said...

We took Jesse and Hailey to Disney in 2004, we surprised them by getting Jesse a Mickey DQ cake and we told him it was the only cake left and then we did a Disney video for them and announced we were going. We went in July, it was 100 degrees almost every day! What a memory!

Karin J. said...

We just went to Disney World last fall. My family went there many times over the years, so I adore the place. When we went to the Magic Kingdom on our first day on this recent trip, we got there before opening and saw this fun show they do to open the parks with the characters riding in on the train, the band singing songs, then they sprinkled pixie dust (confetti) on the crowd waiting outside the rope at the entrance and we all joined in a countdown. At the end they dropped the rope and we all went in. To be there with my own children was a dream come true. I went in with my face wet from tears. A fun day!