Thursday, June 24, 2010

**snapshots of summer** week 2

More time at the pool. Lotsa rain. Toy Story 3 at the IMAX. The kids started a band. Ice cream cones are the treat of choice. Summer band lessons begin. Father's Day. Bonfire with friends. Date Night. Calvin & Hobbes. The library. Family golf night. Dinner at 10:30 pm. Playing with the neighbors ("the things vs. the normals"). Cheese balls. Here's a peek at our week in pictures:

fire week2

coke week2

rockfist week2

pool boys week2

my feet week2

ikea week2

heavenly week2

cheese puffs week2

book week2

date night week2

deer week2

family golf week2

fathers day week2

watermark snow cones

stacey week2

tina golf week2

garage week2

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Crystal said...

The pic of Tony with the cheeseballs cracks me up...and makes me want some cheeseballs! :) Love the shadow pic too. Yay for summer! Looks like you guys know how to do it up right!