Friday, June 11, 2010

three-ring circus

bw boys

It's the last day of school and days of swimming, slip-n-sliding, car washing, lemonade standing, and friends over-ing are about to begin.

pippy friends

Actually, much of it has already begun.

goofy boys

A three-ring circus... almost.


Speaking of which, I found this delightful party mix to celebrate the season:

3-ring circus

An aptly named assortment from Target that includes milk chocolate candies, animal crackers, raisins, yogurt-covered pretzel balls, and pretzels. Delicious.

Spending the rest of my afternoon today looking for things to keep my animals boys busy this summer. Found some cool places and events to check out; just click on the links below for more information:
I'll continue to add new ideas to the list :) Too, here are links to several fun summertime activities:
Happy Playing!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics of these two! They have so much fun together:)