Wednesday, June 16, 2010

**snapshots of summer** week 1

With summer underway, I thought I'd post a weekly "snapshots of summer" entry to help me stay on top of things. The plan is to complete an album similar to my Week in the Life project. But for the summer. The entire summer.

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Here's a peek at our first week of summer vacation:

tennis court


lito golf


smash boys

smash hubby

summer at its best

coffee shop musicians


the glowing orb

total teenager

smash meel

beautiful day

smash burger

We've missed the sunshine and have thoroughly enjoyed these last couple of days. The rainy days meant a lot of time indoors - playing games and cleaning. (Ren is getting a room makeover this summer... out with the cartoon animals, in with IKEA.) Lotsa late nights and late mornings... LOVE IT!!!

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