Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Albums on Parade

My favorite albums as of late are PicFolio-style... I shared the advantages of this type of album in August (click HERE for the original post). In addition to the larger slide-in style pages, I am also quite fond of the 8x8 PicFolio. Last December, I used the 8x8 Winter Wonderland Quick Kit to create a December Daily album. (Ali Edwards was the inspiration behind this idea.) The goal was to create an album that captured the spirit of the holiday season.

december daily title page

Ali was also the inspiration behind another 8x8 album project... a Week in the Life. This album was my first experience mixing both traditional and digital scrapbook pages. (I used an 8x8 coverset and the new side slide-in page sleeves.)

week in the life 1

week in the life 2

The idea for this album was to capture the routine of an average week in your life (I also focused on the little treasures in my day).

I'd have to say my most-valued album is what I call my miracle album. This is the place where I keep all of my most meaningful stories. My Sharon Brown story is one example I've shared here before and Angela B.'s story. This album is mainly journaling.

miracle album

In addition to my God Moments and miracle stories, this album includes my favorite songs (along with the lyrics) and how they speak to me. Too, for every family I've met through Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and the other special album projects I have worked on, I create a page as a reminder of our brief connection. This album for my children and their children and the children that follow; I want them to know God and the impact He has had on our family.

How about you? Do you have a special scrapbook album or page spread? If so, create a post about it on your own blog and link it to this one using the Mr. Linky feature below.

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