Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i have a thing for photo collages

Perhaps it's the way I shoot.

quad ren

I love the way a series of images can tell a story.


A typical family session will give you an assortment of images to choose from. Take my own family, for example:

boys wall

ren park


lamp post

We spent the afternoon hanging out at a local park, just tossing a football and checking out the sights.

The images were perfect for this collage frame I picked up at Target:

picture frame

But would have worked well in any of these frames as well:


target frame

target frame 4

Speaking of collages...

ren bedroom

This is one of Ren's old bedroom - the "new room" is under construction. (I can tell you this much... it will be one giant IKEA advertisement.)

Ah, but I digress.

Click HERE and HERE for some inspiring wall collage ideas. Too complicated? Click HERE for a fool-proof option.

I'd best be getting back to my home improvement projects. Be back tomorrow with some information regarding my annual BLOGIVERSARY CELEBRATION, a bread pudding teaser, and things you need to know if you plan on booking a photography session with me in the coming months. Until then...

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