Friday, January 29, 2010

procrastinating again

iced caramel latte

The kids are home and I should be working on my tax stuff. Instead, I've baked and Googled and talked on the phone. I'm still in my pajamas (obviously, going for a record this week) and just can't seem to find the motivation to move.

So I thought I'd blog :)

For those of you wondering about my eye-thing and missed my Tweets, I went back to the opthamologist on Tuesday and am back on medication. I go back in two weeks so he can see for himself the symptoms are totally gone (happened last month but they returned once I tapered off the prednisone). There might be some more tests at that point... I'll keep you posted!

BTW, the picture above is from yesterday - a frozen caramel latte. It really would have been better with a drizzle of caramel but I wasn't thinking. Target used to sell a variety of frozen latte mixes in the coffee section (Archer Farms brand) but I purchased my box quite a while ago and am not sure if they still carry them. You can see what the package looks like by clicking HERE.

The boys are fighting, better go. Have a great afternoon!

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Ginger said...

We need another snow day! I feel like a bum, but I don't have time to actually be one! :) The caramel latte looks yummy! Hope you had a great day.