Thursday, January 28, 2010

crisis averted

crisis averted

In case you missed the flurry of Tweets/FB posts regarding my recent chai discovery, here's the scoop. My chai... THE chai used in that killer eggnog chai latte recipe has gone missing. I stopped by our local Cub Foods last week only to find there was no longer a spot for it on the shelf!


I've gotten many scrapbooking friends and neighbors addicted to the stuff over the years, enough so it had become tricky even finding Pacific Chai - Spice Chai Latte in stock in the first place. (I think most were like me, stocking up on a can or three when it became available.)

In an act of desperation, I went Cub-hopping only to find bare shelves and unwanted flavors. A faithful FB friend even revealed her local supplier in an attempt to bring relief. I resorted instead to an Amazon order. My SIX CANS arrived this week.


Crisis averted.

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Anonymous said...

I think amazon groceries are great. Nice to shop in your jammies for bulk groceries :-)