Wednesday, January 20, 2010

eye am still having issues

One week off the meds and my eye problem is back. I think it went away for a couple of days during treatment but the second I began to really taper off of the prednisone, the symptoms crept back in. I have another appointment with my ophthalmologist next week where I'll hopefully get some answers - or at least a referral. In the meantime, I've been keeping myself busy with all sorts of things...

Like experimenting with the coating for Tilly's already delicious secret recipe:

white chocolate

And making a coffee date with Sharon (we are WAY overdue). And completing Andy & Cerrisa's wedding album. (LOVE IT!)

A&C album

And watching the robins (yes, ROBINS) attack every bush in our front yard. One bird was even trying to build a nest on our wreath. (So, one thing I haven't done yet is finish putting away the Christmas stuff.)


And now preparing to file my annual sales tax which requires hours upon hours of paperwork. (ick.)

That's life right now. Exciting, I know. Be back soon...

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Crystal said...

eye am glad to see you still have your sense of humer despite your eye troubles. I hope things clear up soon.

Mellissa said...

Please keep us in the loop on your eye! Prayers for healing!!!!

Tina Vega said...

Will do. Appointment is next week though from what I'm reading online it seems they might not look into a possible underlying cause until three unsuccessful rounds of treatment (I'm at two). Thanks for the prayers!!

I'll be getting on that fish oil as well.