Monday, December 21, 2009

okay, so perhaps there's a little stress

I had a dream last night... two, actually. My mom died in the first one and my husband had killed someone in the second - it was an accident but he spent the entire dream running from the police (of course, I did my best to convince him otherwise).


I'm close to finishing up the wedding edits, got a start on the wedding album, and then have only two family sessions left to edit. After four crazy months, I cannot wait to have some edit-free time. I can honestly say I'm almost looking forward to working on taxes just for a change of pace! (Now, that's crazy.)

I thought I'd give an update on my mom. She's healing nicely, her 70+ stitches were removed last week. There's a bit of swelling, numbness, and pain connected to her ear - please pray for continued healing and relief of those symptoms.

As for my eye, the bump is still there but the meds are making a noticeable difference. I have another three weeks to go and everything should be back to normal at that point.

And life right now? It's being consumed by hundreds of these pics:

the girls



bride and the guys


It's hard to believe we were looking at such lovely weather only ONE MONTH AGO! (I'll post some current snow pics tomorrow so those outside of Minnesota can see what we're dealing with... and I hear there's even more snow on the way!)

Perfect weather for wrapping presents and rolling coconut balls (Tilly's secret recipe this time). Better get to bed in case it's another night of crazy dreaming. Have a great evening!

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Jan said... glad to hear your mom is doing okay. I will continue to pray.

I LOVE the wedding pics! You have such a gift.

Stay warm!

~Kathie~ said...

Beautiful wedding pictures, Tina!!!