Friday, December 18, 2009

a little of this and a little of that

fun with friends

It's been a wonderfully busy week with lots to share and very little time to do so. Just wrapping up a few loose ends from my last several sessions then I'll be back. By the way, here are a few more images from a mini session with friends, Craig and Doree:


family fireplace

the kitty


The kids could barely contain themselves:

the kids

The reason? Grandma Judy...


She kept trying to get me :)

You'll be hearing more about Doree another time. She's a make-up artist who will be helping out with a couple of future sessions.

Perhaps you remember THIS POST? My friend Tanya had shared a comment with information regarding the Folkways of the Holidays at Murphy's Landing in Shakopee, Minnesota. My family and I decided to check it out last night and had a blast.

Had a Christmas party with my Bible study friends on Wednesday, deviated from Tilly's secret recipe for coconut balls and learned that not all coconut ball recipes are created alike, received a lovely surprise from a friend that I'll be sharing more about later, and managed to take care of the first bit of my Christmas shopping.

Yep, the first.

Have a wonderful weekend (the hubby is waiting on me). I'll check in again soon!

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Jan said...

Tina, I hope your eye is doing better. I printed out a copy of your coconut ball recipe, now I just have to find time to make it! Hope you have a merry and blessed Christmas!

Tina Vega said...

I have three more weeks of eye medicine; it seems to be working... I'll know for sure once I stop. (That's when I had trouble before.)

Have a Merry Christmas as well!!!!