Saturday, December 22, 2007

the three amigas

Peppermint Pattie, Motormouth, Lockjaw, Doug Noell, "Don't Cry Daddy", Billy Egan, curly-Q, April, 890-7188, Tovi, sleeping in the tent, Brenda, The Big Rock, Tommy & Mikey Gannon, Little Angel, Little Kitty, Halloween, Baby Skin So Soft, the jukebox, sleeping in the back of the truck, Dairy Queen promises, neverending sleepovers, that dang blasted megaphone mounted to the side of our house, Kiss-or-Kill, Elvis movies, the fire, that-time-we-turned-her-into-a-scarecrow, dancing with Del, smoking in the van, the Barbie townhouse, grounded to our yards, the green ghost, "God", swimming by the culvert, that-time-she-put-her-tongue-on-the-frozen-thing, the marshmallow, mud pies, making mustard with the yellow weeds, the Merry-Go-Round, the cabin, that-time-she-was-bit-by-the-dog, Blue Jay, the knitting machine, Tip Toe Through the Tulips, just use a tissue next time...

My sister Stacey invited me over for dinner, along with a childhood friend - Tanya! Though the two of them have continued to remain in touch, I haven't seen Tanya in years. We had so much fun walking down memory lane. The evening was filled with great food (thanks Stacey), side-splitting laughter, and lots of coffee.

Journaling Ideas: Think back and try to recall as much as you can about one of your childhood friendships; once you begin journaling, the memories will begin to flow. If you don't have a photograph of the friend, use a photo of an old toy (you'll be shocked at what you can find online) or one of yourself from the approximate time frame. Create a page similar to this, listing everything that comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey - you look awesome. I hope to see you live and in person one day soon. Merry Christmas Denzer ladies.


Tanya said...

Well, it only took me eight months to jump on the bandwagon!! Since it's been so long since that last visit (what's the matter with us?!), the walk down memory lane was fresh again! I loved it! You missed only one thing: Bus shadow!!! Visited with Stace again last night -- had a wonderful time, but missed you! Rest assured: I'll be a regular on your site from now on. You're so inspirational, Teen!