Sunday, October 11, 2009

just tying up a few loose ends

I'm a teeny bit behind and will have sneak peeks up for these two sessions tomorrow!

I must share the fact that these were the first two sessions with my new camera. (Yes, MY NEW CAMERA!!!!) With the full-frame sensor, I feel like I've also gotten new lenses. You can click on the link HERE for more information about crop sensors. (BTW, my other camera has a 1.6x crop factor.) It is a huge change, one I've been gearing up for over the last several months. I can hardly wait to see what it is capable of in low light situations.

We're having a belated birthday party for the 12-year old this week, a long weekend with the kids because of MEA the EducationMinnesotaProfessionalConference, haircuts, the dentist, and a little breathing room in there to boot.

Did you know that the David Crowder Band is coming to Hosanna!? Well, they are!!! Tickets can be purchased HERE. Don't know who they are? Check them out HERE and HERE.

Gotta go, family time awaits!

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