Thursday, July 31, 2008

Battle of the Bands

While at Toys 'R Us spending some birthday cash, my family was sidetracked by several rounds of Guitar Hero. Of course, the hubby beat us all - hands down. (Hardly a surprise.) Despite my lackluster performance, it did create a stirring.

I want to have a good old-fashioned Battle of the Bands. (Granted, we'd need to purchase the game first but, hey, I'm dreaming here.)

First things first, we'd need a BAND NAME. Believe it or not, there is even a "Band Name Generator" website (click HERE to try it out for yourself). Below is a listing of our top picks:

  • Reverent Vega And The Cult
  • Dejected Vega
  • Sublime Vega And The Grinding Logic
  • Vega Fright
  • Herbal Vega
  • Vega Branch And The Pudgy Cheetah
  • Vega Pineapple Of The Chosen Native
  • Vega Yogurt And The Creature
  • Vega Core
Decisions, decisions. Then, of course, we'll need to have other bands to battle... I'm already counting on Tilly and her family, Amy and her family (though they are MONTHS ahead of us in practice - this could be a problem), and perhaps Pippy's family.

Can you tell I've really been thinking this through?

There's one problem though (two, if you count the fact we don't yet own the game) - someone has to sing. Ren has already claimed bass, Meeley wants to play drums, the hubby is a shoe-in for lead guitar... what's left? SINGING. And all of you faithbookers know how I feel about singing. (I can only do it when the music is loud enough to drown out the sound of my voice.) I told the hubby we might just have to hold band tryouts to see which role we are each best suited for.

Because I'm sure mine is not singing.

If you're interested in duking it out in a future Rock Band competition, let me know! Oh, and I'll be sure to let you know when we've chosen our band name. And purchased the game. And I've completed singing lessons.

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Anonymous said...

You're on! We would love to challenge you. Oh but wait...we don't have the game either, a band name and to be honest, I don't think any of us has ever even held a guitar or any other instrument for that matter...

By the way - I like:
The Vega-tarians... (hee hee as Tilly would say)

Tina Vega said...

Ohhhh, I like that band name Lynn and I'm sure the boys will too!

Sounds like you guys will be PERFECT for the Battle...

Amy said...

Don't sell yourself so short on singing Tina-even *I* have been known to take the mic-it doubles as the cowbell-always need the cowbell!!!

We'd be happy to challenge you-although I'm still scared with how competitive your family & Tilly's family are! Chad and I are the "Mama & the Papa" band, I'm HotMama, he's Daddio. AJ rocks the guitar and drums and M&M loves to try to sing. I think the drums are HARD!!! I've got no coordination with the footpedal. :(

I'm willing to bet your hubby and boys will have this purchased before you are done with the CM convention!!! :)

Tina Vega said...

I'm a little bit scared by what you just said Amy because you sound like you know what you're talking about.

See what practice does!

As for the hubby purchasing the game this weekend... he'd better not!! It will take me months to find a decent voice coach.

Competitive? What do you mean??

Tilly said...

Hey, we are only competetive with certain games, that we can't mention anymore or play ever again. We would love the challenge. I think I have a couple singers. Not me, of course. Oh and Lynn, the cowbells remind me of your hubby since he is such a huge fan(Will Farrell.) Heehee!

Mellissa said...

I love it!! My nephews have sooooo hooked me on the Rock band game! I love it! You can count K and I in and I'll borrow a nephew or a niece to fill out the band. Funny thing, I always get stuck singing too and it's soooooooooooooooooo not pretty!

Anonymous said...

how about 'the ruta-vegas' (if 'the vega-tarians' doesn't work out)?

Tina Vega said...

how about 'the ruta-vegas' if 'the vega-tarians' doesn't work out)?

You guys are pretty good at this. I'm having myself some serious laughs.