Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a little sunshine for your day :-)

It's been quite gloomy (the kind of weather that affects even the hardiest Minnesotan) - high time for a pick-me-up post!

First of all, I will be giving away this handmade journal AND the book "God Moments" by Alan D. Wright to one of you! If you'd like to have your name added to the drawing, please share one secret to surviving February in Minnesota. If you are not from Minne-SOH-tah, any old tip for surviving the bloppies will do.

I have some new music to share! Ever heard of Monk & Neagle? BooMama has been raving about them for some time... curious, I went to the website and sampled their latest album. I promise it WILL add a spring to your step!

Here's another little thing that makes me smile. Lisa's handstamped jewelry beautifully captures the power of the written word.

And then there is scrapbooking... that ALWAYS makes me feel good. Here's a link to some really cool surveys to add to your layouts. The book that spurned the idea is even better, it's called "Scrapbook Play" and you can find it here.

Then there is this book by Joyce Meyer; it has been an extremely valuable resource to me. Whether you're feeling anxious, scared, or stressed - the verses used in this book are just perfect for battling the bloppies. (Trust me, there is no better pick-me-up than wielding that sword.)

Feeling better yet? I am. Thanks for listening and don't forget to post a comment!! I'll announce the winner Thursday morning...

PS: You must read Lysa's post for today... H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

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Janeen Jordan said...

I do like their sound (Monk & Neagle)! Easy voices.
Let's see...what can ease the winter blahs (cuz it's blahsville here too in TN)...I do love my Starbucks, that always makes me smile. Yeah - Starbucks and a small talk with a friend - that's always nice. Of course getting a manicure or nice pedi helps too. lol

amy w. said...

Hi Tina,
yay - I am the first to post! First, let me say, the "bloppies" are a perfect word for it & I will now be incorporating that into my vocab!! And I have lots of ways to enjoy February in MN!!
- outside ice skating (it's usually not as frigid as Jan, but the ice is still good - exercise is a great pick-me-up!)
- waterpark - running around all day in my bathing suit makes me happy to put back on layers of clothes!
- drawing hearts with my fingers on dirty, snowy cars - random acts of love!
- looking at gardening catalogues dreaming of spring!
- embracing the bloppies & snuggling up with a book, warm beverage & a fire
- and if that all fail, a rousing round of guitar hero with my kids always makes me laugh!

amy w. said...

ok, it took me so long to write my post that I wasn't the first - lol! teach me a lesson, huh!

Sue Rima said...

Hi Tina!!
Here is an idea - turn the thermestat up and have the family dress in shorts and have a picnic on a blanket in the middle of the livingroom!! You can make sandwiches - have lemonade - even pretend that ants are coming to carry off your goodies! My kids like to turn on the tunes and have a dance marathon - If I have REALLY planned ahead, we will then bundle up and go outside with our sparklers -Our summer reenactment will end with all in pajamas and a family movie - Sound like a winner??
P.S. - Like the sound of the new group Monk and Neagle.

Crystal said...

When I have a case of the February "bloopies" I make myself feel better by taking a nice, hot bubble bath. Afterwards I put on a pair of plush pjs and throw on some fuzzy slipper socks. Then I make myself a mug of Tastefully Simple "Oh My Chai," and snuggle up with a good book. Most recently "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert has kept me from getting the "bloopies." I would highly recommend this book to any women dealing with any stage of seasonal depression.

Thanks for all of the other good ideas on how to beat the winter blues! I'll definately be trying a few of them out.


Tina Vega said...

You guys have some awesome ideas!!! Keep them coming!!!

Janel said...

GREAT ALBUM! I listen to it a lot, especially when I need a pick up!