Wednesday, February 6, 2008

questions are a GOOD thing...

When God says we can pray about anything, does He really mean anything?

Who wrote the Bible?

Why do they call it "Good Friday" if that's the day Jesus died?

Will I still have feelings in heaven?

If God knows everything then why do we need to pray?

Why are there ashes on your head?

As a young girl, I had A LOT of questions about God and church. Though I attended parochial school for eight years, questions of faith were not encouraged. Granted it might have been the product of my child mind, but I had the distinct impression that Big Questions would have landed me in a heap o' trouble.

Funny thing is, I forgot all about those questions until I had a child of my own. My firstborn was in preschool when he began asking the Big Questions. I remember telling him, "I don't know, but I'll find out."

To this day that process of discovery has not stopped. I found answers to Meeley's questions and to many of my own along the way. The following tools were extremely helpful in the process:

Of course now with the Internet, vast amounts of information are just a click away!

Ask the Big Questions and encourage your children to do the same! We have a mighty big God - He can handle it.

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