Wednesday, September 14, 2011

to journal or not to journal

stack o' journals

Let me say this right up front...

from alice

I love to journal.

spiral notebooks

Not only do I love to journal, I love to turn others on to it as well.

little bit fancy

A self-professed journal-pusher, that's what I am.

more journals

It began in my teen years with a simple spiral notebook. I had a lot of "issues" back then and journaling gave me a place to express myself in an authentic way. It also helped me put perspective on many things that seemed overwhelming at the time.

Fast forward 27 years. I still have a lot of "issues" and journaling gives me a place to express myself authentically while helping me put perspective on the things that seem overwhelming. My journaling over the years has evolved; at one time or another (sometime all at once), it has been the following:
  • a sounding board
  • a place to vent
  • a place to pray
  • a friend
  • a place to explore
  • a mirror
  • a place to dream
  • an organizer
  • a place to make lists
  • a place to be real
  • a place to create
  • a place to remember
    Journaling helps me to SLOOOOW DOWN, something not easily accomplished these days. It helps me to live a little more intentionally instead of getting swept up in daily routines. It helps me to appreciate where I am at RIGHT NOW instead of looking back at this time five years from now, wishing I could turn back the clock to really live it.

    Journaling gives me insight into my Life Story and helps me recognize God's presence in it. It gives me a place to talk with God, a place to track significant seasons in life, to help me to remember things I never want to forget and to help process the things I wish I could.

    Journaling is DA BOMB. But don't just take my word for it. Click HERE for a list of health benefits related to journaling and HERE for "100 Benefits of Journaling" (an INCREDIBLE list of pros) and HERE for ideas on getting started. (You will also find a few journaling ideas on my blog as well by clicking HERE.) If you're anything like me, nothing is more inspiring than a cool journal. Click HERE and HERE and HERE for upcycled cereal box journals (yep, you heard me right). Click HERE for something a little fancier and HERE for something more subdued.

    Now just grab yourself a pen and cup of coffee...

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    Dee said...

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    Thanks!!!! Dee

    Tina Vega said...

    You are very welcome! I'll be linking up to you a little bit later as well because I have a special project in mind for the two notebooks that I ordered :)