Sunday, September 11, 2011

DIY photo project :: mod podge canvas art

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Being a photographer and mom, I take lots of pictures. Tons. Not only am I on the lookout for fun things to share with all of you, I want affordable options for showcasing my favorite shots as well. Enter in - modge podge canvas art. I stumbled upon The Sassy Pepper tutorial several weeks ago and thought...

I.MUST.TRY.THIS! And that I did. Here's the final project:

 ©Tina Vega

This close shot shows the textured surface that is a result of the Mod Podge.

©Tina Vega

I chose a pattern for the canvas sides that closely resembled the pattern of the baby blanket.


another side

I have three additional canvas sizes as well, the largest being a 12"x18" - I'm going to experiment with colors and different paint effects.

Not only does it look great on a display stand, it would be lovely hanging on the wall with or without a ribbon hanger.

from above

It would also make for a very special gift!

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Building Bridges to Orphans said...

That is AWESOME!!!!

Renvie Rulloda said...

It came out amazing, I can't wait to try this project as well =)