Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blogiversary Prize Drawing #1


I started this blog on July 7, 2007 (can you believe it's been that long?) and celebrate my blogiversary each year with a bunch of prize drawings. The key is to check back OFTEN during the week as there will be a minimum of one prize drawing each day. To enter, simply add your name as a drawing by posting a comment to that particular entry on my blog. You can even do this anonymously (though if you win, you will need to send me your full name and address by email). The first prize is a BRAND NEW PRODUCT from CM, a pen case that holds 15 pens.

Creative Memories pen case

To enter, just add a comment to this post. (Knowing that many of you are traveling this holiday weekend, I'll leave this drawing open until tomorrow evening.)

Hope you're having a super weekend!

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Crystal said...

Happy Blogiversary Tina! Thanks for sharing your life with us over the years. You are an inspiration on so many levels.

Lynn Peterson said...

I read your blog daily. Thanks for all the great ideas and insights. Love your photos. Crystal got me hooked on your blog!

Karen K said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your holiday weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Tina! Thanks for all that you do.
Tara K.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina, Happy Anniversary! Yes the time does fly. It's great to be able to see all your pictures. I love to watch how your house is coming together. I especially love the "red" corner sofa. My favorite color! Have a great 4th!

Joan E.

Lori V said...

Happy blogiversary and Independance day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary! Looks like a handy case.

Jodie said...

Hi Tina ~ Happy Anniversary! Love what you've done with the place so far...can't wait to see it all done.
Blessings & Happy 4th!!