Sunday, May 1, 2011

straight out of the camera [sunday]

SOOC Sundayjpg

Today's untweaked shot was taken as we were out running errands.

tony's birthday itinerary

More specifically, it was Tony's birthday "day of fun" (one of our family traditions - the birthday person plans a special family day and there can be NO COMPLAINTS from other family members regarding any stop or activity). We had lunch and spent most of our time in Maple Grove, checking out places and things that interest Tony (i.e. American Guitar & Band, Music Go Round, Best Buy, Costco, and IKEA). It was FREEZING COLD, nothing like I ever remember on his birthday (which is technically tomorrow, BTW)... though his mom swears it was snowing the day he was born.

I must be honest and admit I never TRULY believed it until this year :)

We even stumbled upon a giant pile of snow near the Maple Grove Transit Station, which Tony appropriately labled "snirt" for the snow and dirt mix.

Fun times.

Praying this will be *the last* birthday we ever see snow and am looking forward to what is bound to be a warmer month. Have a great night!

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