Saturday, April 30, 2011

basement remodel :: preliminary stuff

basement before

In case you haven't been following my Tweets, Tony and I are on the verge of a basement remodel. We are super excited about our contractor (New Creations of Minnesota) and are looking forward to getting started within the next couple of weeks. We've already ironed out many of the details with NC owner Steve Tuttle and met most of his team last week. The biggest hurdle for Tony and I so far has been trying to find a home for everything that occupied our third level! When the project is complete we will have a finished living area (which will include a landing on the fourth level), office/bedroom, 3/4 bath, and laundry room.

I am SO TOTALLY EXCITED about finally having an office, a place for not only all of my gear (scrapbooking and photography) but a place to meet with potential clients. I'm incorporating a special family heirloom into the space and have lots of grand ideas for decorating.

office paper dolls

I'll be incorporating client session images into the office and A TON of personal images into our living area.

office display

I'll continue to document the process here so you can watch it all come together.

paint chips

There will be lots of color and lots of IKEA stuff by the time all is said and done... sometime later this summer!! (I'll keep you updated on the process weekly so as not to overload you with details.) Until next time...

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Christine said...

Sounds fun! Can't wait to see the finished product. :)