Saturday, May 7, 2011

basement remodel :: week 1

new creations

We are officially rolling - New Creations is taking care of the permit, dumpster, and everything else needed to get started. While not much has changed as far as the actual basementscape goes, I did have a great deal of fun accessorizing the office this week:


mason jars

farm buckets

Fun, fun... all in the name of Mother's Day :) All of the pieces above were ordered through various Etsy shops. In addition to accessorizing, I placed an order for this desk and chair (had my eye both for a while) and not only received free shipping but a huge discount as well. (LOVE it when that happens.) Here are both pieces:

madison large trestle desk

madison swivel office chair

We also found a vanity at Lowe's we ADORE:

vanity 2 shelf 36in

Tony and I think it will look great with the soon-to-be-picked-out tile floor. Our bathroom color is below:

crystal clear

And here's a peek at some of the other bathroom colors:

target bath stuff

All from Target as well.

Framing is scheduled to begin next week!! Can't wait to watch the design unfold. Until next time...

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