Friday, May 13, 2011

5 Fun Things Friday

As I mentioned in a number of Tweets over the course of the last 24 hours, Blogger has been having issues. SEVERE issues. My last post (basement remodel :: week 2) is still missing and we were stuck in "read-only" mode for much of the last day (i.e. no posting or comments allowed). Thus the very late Friday post.


Here we go...

five fun things

1. Gyropolis. BEST. GYROS. EVER.


I ordered the spicy gyro and it was awesome. The fries – spicy as well. They have a huge party pack available as well – it’s not on the menu but for somewhere around $27 you get a load of food. Perfect for Game Night :)

2. Mod4 Arts.


LOVE, LOVE these mouse pads!

3. I still have SMORES on the brain.

fusion sweets

Check out this awesome marshmallow 6-flavor sampler from Esty seller FusionSweets.

4. Amy’s Gourmet Apples puts ALL other caramel apples to shame.

amy's apples

I’d love to try the Cinnamon Pecan White. Or the Double-Dunked. Or the Cashew Turtle Milk.

5. Washington House Inn - Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

washington house inn

I want to go here with Tony. And stay in this room.

Happy Friday!!!

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