Sunday, November 21, 2010

a rant about ranting

tina shadow

Did you know that children who are subjected to constant yelling and screaming can experience serious damage? Whether the fighting is between spouses or anger is directed only at the children, that kind of atmosphere in a home is TOXIC to a child's mental health. From self-esteem issues to behavioral challenges, this 30-year study shows the distinct LASTING IMPRINT of angry outbursts on children.

A pretty sobering read.

I think we could all use some honing of our anger management skills in addition to learning how to effectively communicate with each other. As parents it is crucial we teach our children how to manage feelings of frustration and disappointment, that we become models of healthy behavior ourselves. (Big topic for a Sunday morning, I know.)

I'll be blogging more on this topic in the coming weeks, sharing resources and tips along the way. Stuff about parenting. And marriage. About being (or becoming) healthy from the inside-out. Because that's the stuff on my mind right now :)

In the meantime, pay attention to your voice and tone. The words that you choose when talking to or about anyone. What "fragrance" is radiating from your mouth? Your home? Is it more often sweet or rather something sour? THIS is a great book that offers a lot of insight on the topic.

I'll be back with more later :)

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dawn said...

oh golly is that true. I have a friend who had new neighbors move in upstairs. There is one 7 year old girl that lives with the couple and my friend continuously hears horrible words and tone. We've been praying about how to intervene. i'm certain the Lord has my friend there for a reason. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I find often the first thing that needs to happen is that grown ups need to work on their hearts.........need to see their ugliness; and then how it wounds children. It's heartbreaking.