Monday, September 20, 2010

we're celebrating a very special day this week

It's official.


There's a TEENAGER in the house. And with this milestone, comes new privileges...


and responsibilities.

cutting grass

While he is eager for both, I'm not so sure that I am :)

meely one

Where has the time gone? No longer are his sights set on Blue's Clues, Teletubbies, and VeggieTales... the boy is now into his PSP, football, and spicy buffalo wings.


While sad about the passage of time, I am proud of the young man he has become. I enjoy his quick wit and sense of humor, his persistence, choice in friends, and the fact that he knows what he likes (and doesn't - the boy still doesn't own a pair of jeans).

Big plans for The Big Day include a Starbucks beverage and introduction to Facebook (oh, have times changed). Happy Birthday, Meel!!!

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Annette said...

Happy 13th Birthday Emilio! Tina, I know exactly how you feel as a mom when your child turns into a teenager. You have done such a great job as being his mom, you should be so proud. Have fun celebrating this milestone.

Tina Vega said...

Thanks Annette :))