Tuesday, May 11, 2010

M+L | Minnesota Engagement Photographer


A memorable session in more ways than one! Our session took place at a beautiful park in the area - cool bridges, gorgeous retaining walls, mini waterfall/pond, tunnel, ducks, and even deer. It couldn't have been better.

Well... perhaps it would have been a teeny bit better had my van not been vandalized. And my checkbook and credit cards not stolen.

Amazingly, this lovely couple happens to work for a local automotive glass company. And they were there to save the day broken window. (Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for that!!!) I am also happy to report that the police already have a suspect in custody. Which is good, because it's my new FAVORITE park! Here's a peek at our exciting afternoon:

a car photo

Just kidding :) Here's where the real excitement took place:


on a hill






I had a WONDERFUL time and can't wait until the wedding!! Thanks again for everything...

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Mellissa said...

Gorgeous park! Did the police actually find and charge someone with the break in of your van? I hope so! Hope you are doing well. Think of you often!