Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a recap

nixon pupils

johnny jones

It was more than just a reunion gig...

dancing shoes

It was the perfect excuse to buy new dancing shoes :) I had a blast connecting with so many old friends, it was like stepping back in time 20 years. Here's a video clip from a photographer friend of mine:

Greg also snapped some INCREDIBLE shots from the evening. Click HERE to view his Flickr set.

I still have several sessions to post, including my first labor and delivery! Unfortunately, our vehicle was broken into during a recent session and I've been tied up closing accounts, having the window replaced, and redirecting a load of automatic payments... among other things.

It seems no matter how hard I try to stay focused, life gets in the way ;) Hope to be back soon with some pics!

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Mellissa said...

Oh ick on the break in! What a yukky feeling that is. I've been there. Don't let Satan and the evil and disruption he creates distract you from the One Who Loves you. I hope you find peace in the Lord's arms today amidst all the chaos. Much love!