Monday, March 1, 2010

who are your buddies?

with jan

Met my high school BFF (Jan) for lunch today and she brought with her a very special gift. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap of picture of it this afternoon so I'll have to post it tomorrow. We met at Claddagh Irish Pub in an area I am quite fond of visiting. On my way there, I happened to catch Karen Loritts on the FamilyLife Today radio program. She was speaking on her "fear buddies" - a time in her life when she struggled with her sense of identity and fear of the unknown. Definitely worth a listen (just click HERE for the broadcast).

Thankfully, Jan isn't that sort of buddy ;)

It hit me it's that time of the month... well, not THAT time - but time to post a hint for our next faithbooking crop. The church is hosting a large leadership event on the same day which might affect the crop. I'll keep you posted!

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Crystal said...

Geez Tina, I've never known you to blog about THAT time of the month! LOL.

Tina Vega said...

Desperate times call for desperate blogging topics :)

Jan said...

I had so much fun at lunch does the time go by so quickly? Can't wait to do it again SOON!