Sunday, February 28, 2010

So what are you jonesing for?

what are you jonesing for?

I celebrated my 21st birthday again. My sister offered to stay with the boys while my husband and I went out on the town. (Which at my age, means we went out to eat somewhere other than our town.) In my search for new and interesting places, I came across Burger Jones and was immediately hooked. Despite the drive. Despite the smattering of poor reviews concerning long waits and price complaints. Despite my devotion to The Blue Door Pub.

I just KNEW in my heart of hearts, I would love this place. And love this place I did! The Tri-Fry Tasting Tower helped, as did the dipping sauces, and hard shakes (a.k.a. alcohol-infused medleys). Want to see more? You can check out the full menu by clicking HERE.

Spent today with the family at the Minnesota State Capitol, participating in an art treasures scavenger hunt. It was great because while the boys were busy looking for treasure, my husband and I went hog wild with our cameras.


MN State Capital

where are you

sky light

tunnel vision

a mural

my partner in crime

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun :)

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