Saturday, February 6, 2010

an early birthday present arrived...

at play

And I hope to unveil it later this week :)

To my iPhone/iPod Touch friends... beware of THIS highly addictive app. (Note: There are different themes that can be applied to the game by entering different user-names. This adds to the addictive nature because it forces you to try every version at least once ten times.)

Heading back to the opthamologist this week and will keep you posted on anything new.

more snow fun

And as far as the retreat goes, it looks like we're down to only one open spot now up to THREE OPEN SPOTS! I'll keep you posted on that as well.

Can't remember if I shared this with you before but THESE CAMERA BAGS are so cute, I thought it worth a possible re-post.

I have cookies on the brain and came across THIS Minneapolis bakery, awarded "Best Cookie - 2009" by City Pages. Sounds like a trip worth taking. And for my gluten-free readers, THIS might be worth it for you. Or, how about THIS new place in St. Paul?

I'm only making the cravings worse. Guess that's means it's time for bed :) Have a super night.

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