Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve was full of surprises

why my kids love church

It's no wonder my kids actually enjoy church. Live animals were part of our Christmas Eve service this year; it was quite the hoot listening to a "baa-baa" here and a "baa-baa" there. There were sheep, camels, and geese in addition to a goat, donkey, and cow.

the camel

Hosanna! Christmas Eve service

It was quite a sight. We made our way to my folks' house after the service where we came upon another suprise. Auntie Stacey decided to spice up Christmas BINGO with a fish.

the fish

Yes, a fish. Needless to say, the children were ecstatic. My niece and nephew... because they'd never owned a pet, and mine... because their cousins were so focused on the fish, they knew the rest of the prizes would be up for grabs!

eager anticipation


And prizes there were:

BINGO prizes

Grandma Pat

Grandpa Don kept things in check with a whole bunch of rules this year. It was serious business. I had to laugh when I saw them because they were SO my dad:

da rules

the spinner

Of course, there was lots of snacking with Dad's homemade beef jerky, Stacey's cookies, and Grandma's fruit cake (not to mention the meatballs, little wienies, Mom's cheese dip, taco dip, my super yummy Sesame Chicken Dip, and more). A snack feast.

Sesame Chicken Dip

more food...

Here are few more shots from our evening:

Chad & Amy

with grandpa

her light


We missed my youngest niece and nephew. I haven't seen either since August and can only image how much they've grown. Family traditions are so meaningful, I pray we'll be able to celebrate with them next year.

tree on the porch

Next year... we're already working on ways to improve BINGO. First things first, I vote no live critters!!!

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Tanya said...

I LOVE that last rule!! haha!! Looks like you had a beautiful service and a lot of fun at your mom's afterward. Thanks for sharing! Blessings to you all in the new year, Teen! :)

Tina Vega said...

To you as well, Tanya!!

Jan said...

I love the rules by your dad...typed even! SO typical!! Looks like you all had a blast. The live animals at church must have been totally AMAZING! What an awesome way to truly experience what it may have been like that wonderful night so long ago.

Mellissa said...

Your mom's house is right out of a magazine! Too pretty! Ya, we enjoyed the 3pm Christmas eve service at church too. It was great! Love the bingo rules, we may have to borrow that tradition at my folks! Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!