Wednesday, December 23, 2009

and snow it begins...

and snow it begins...

They say there's a storm brewing. The hubby and I returned from lunch this afternoon just as the sleet was beginning to fall. (I have yet to hear a full weather forecast and at this point, am in a state of denial.) Apparently, we'll be facing mountains of snow within the next few days.

The only mountains concerning me at the moment are these:

mountains of cookies


coconut balls

Stacey made a visit this week and I'm on Round 2 of coconut ball rolling.

Speaking of lunch, the hubby and I went to Pardon My French. In addition to having a wonderful meal, I picked up a few sweet treats for breakfast. (They have an extravagent selection of bread, pastries, and cookies.) If I remember correctly, kids even eat free on Sundays and Mondays... definitely worth checking out!

Pardon My French

Now, back to my coconut balls...

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