Friday, May 9, 2008

as if one canker sore weren't enough

These aren't just any cookies my friends... they are STACEY COOKIES, her own secret recipe. My neighbors saw her dropping off a batch and she barely made it into the house unscathed. Guess what they are for? Our crop tomorrow, she whipped them up just for YOU!

Now if only I could promise their safe arrival (we're already down two, Tilly insisted on sampling them before the big day and I really couldn't have her doing it alone).

See you tomorrow my croppy bloggy friends! (BTW, you might want to grab a cookie first-thing.)

The Cookiepreneur

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Amy said...

Oh man! They were all gone by the time I went to get one!!! I'm so deprived-feel sorry for me!!! :) Still, that was nice of you Stacy!

Anonymous said...

I will hook you up Friday when I see you!

Amy said...

U da best Stacey!!! :)