Wednesday, November 4, 2009

okay, so here's the deal...

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What I really wanted to say in THIS POST is it's tough being a blogger when there are *big things* going on in your life because of *big things* going on in the life of someone you love. When my *big things* reveal personal information about others, I have to think twice about sharing it here. But alas, the bloggy hold has been removed and my mom has given me permission to share what's been happening over last week or so.

You see, my mom's doctor discovered a lump in her neck during a routine visit a couple of weeks ago. That visit led to another, which led to a CT scan and biopsy last week. The radiologist confirmed that it was a tumor and we were waiting on test results which came in yesterday.

Thankfully, everything looks great at this point. The doctor believes it to be a Warthin's tumor - a common, benign tumor of the parotid gland. She will be having it removed in what sounds like a 4-hour operation. (I was filled in only briefly on that part this morning.) I'll post details when they become available and would appreciate your continued prayers for my mom.

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Crystal said...

I was wondering what was going on, but completely understand that some things can't be shared via blog. (of FB!) Keeping your mom and family in thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for your Mom and your family too, Tina.
Heather N

~Kathie~ said...

You are so right that sometimes it is hard to be a blogger when there are big things going on in your life that you just can't share.

I am so glad that your storm is passing and will pray for your mom and your family.

shar said...

I just "chatted" with your Mom yesterday on Facebook to ask for her prayers and discovered she needed them as well. She is an awesome and special lady and I will be praying constantly for her. She has incredible peace and strength and I pray that for your family as well. God goes before her and behind her. He holds her right hand. "Fear not" says the Lord, but oh it is hard sometimes. :-)

Ginger said...

A delicate balance for sure!
Praying for your mom and your family!