Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a great God story (among other things)

I met my high school BFF for lunch yesterday at a restaurant I'd never been to before - Biaggi's. The food was delicious (though as a heads-up, "Sue's Chocolate Chip Banana Paradiso" is just a fancy name for banana bread). We had a wonderful visit and I left with some fun parenting ideas and a couple of great stories to pass along. One is the following God story that Jan heard Joel Osteen share on Friday night.

A family in Texas had decided they would no longer be keeping any of the new calves that were born. Their 7-year old daughter was upset by the news and asked if they could keep just one. Her dad told her that he would only allow her to keep one if it were female and black. The little girl prayed and asked God to give her a female calf that was black. The second of four calves born was a girl. And it was black. To top things off, it even had a "J" on it:

The little girl's name is Jamie. (You can view the full newspaper story HERE.)

I used that story last night to illustrate to my son, God's attention to detail. He knows the secret desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). He has a good plan for your future, one full of hope (Jeremiah 29:11). He is able to do more than you than you could possibly imagine; nothing can stand in His way (Ephesians 3:20). The story spoke volumes to my son and was given to me at a time that couldn't have been more perfect.

Because that's the kind of God we serve, He pays attention to detail.

Speaking of detail, we'd been having a few issues with our van. In addition to needing two new tires, it had been making some noise. (We'd been thinking the noise was related to uneven wear on the tires and have thus been driving around for several months like this.) I'd budgeted exactly $1200 for the pending expense and received a quote from ProTech this morning for $1175. How's that for detail?!! Turns out in addition to needing new brakes, we'd also been driving around with a loose wheel bearing which is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

I am so grateful we brought it in when we did. Perfect timing.

And as for the honkin' expense, how can I complain? He was looking out for us in more ways than one.

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