Tuesday, April 14, 2009

it's all just a blur of jelly beans & scrapbooking supplies

I knew that hosting a 12-hour crop on Easter weekend would be crazy an adventure, but we'd already canceled in March after all. Despite the extra commotion and lack of sleep I'd experienced Friday night, being away from home and with a bunch of gals is exactly what I needed on Saturday.

I laughed. A lot. Plus I saw a side of Tilly never seen before. And that caused me to laugh even more :-)

After a painful awakening (by a child. in our room. at 6:25 am. looking for permission to begin the Easter egg hunt.), we spent Easter morning at my folks' house. Great Grandma S. made it after a bit of commotion with Great Grandma & Great Grandpa D. - she was supposed to travel up with them after church but my grandpa ended up in the hospital. (He is thankfully doing well now.)

Unfortunately, we were not able to celebrate my nephew's first Easter with him or his family. For reasons that are difficult to explain, my sister chose not to join us. We miss the little bugger and look forward to the next opportunity to snap 50-million pictures love on him.

Oh... and Grandma Pat went all out, even making all sorts of fancy cupcakes:

After the cupcake extravaganza, we made our way to Grandma Lita's place and had ourselves another Easter celebration:

It was a good day.

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Crystal said...

Grandma Pat is going to give The Cupcake Lady a run for her money! Grandma's cupcakes look delicious! She must have known you have cupcakes on the brain... :)