Thursday, January 29, 2009

my kids thought they were alone in their online humiliation

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you've probably picked up on the fact that my kids aren't so keen on their lives being used as blog fodder.

"Please don't put this on the blog."
"That's so embarrassing!"
"What if my friends see it?"

Believe it or not, I am careful about preserving their integrity... for the most part. But there are times, my friends, when you must throw caution to the wind and post things like THIS or THIS or THIS.

Oh, the joy of motherhood ;-)

Anyway, tonight the tables were turned as I foisted the humiliation upon myself and a handful of friends. I spent a good part of the day hunting down old photographs to post on Facebook. Here's what I found:

Click on the above image to enlarge! It's my 8th grade class picture and within the circle, a group of childhood friends. I also found this 15+ year old image:

Now that's what I call foreshadowing (notice the COFFEE CUP between us?) - which reminds me, I am WAAAY overdue for another coffee w/sharon. Noticing the hair - the very BIG hair (it was the eighties after all), I couldn't help but chuckle.

I'm having way too much fun with this Facebook-thing.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, it looks like we were at something formal???? Where were we? I still love big hair. I miss you too. I am FT at home now, would you come over for coffee and strata? Pick a day, any day.


Tina Vega said...

You were my "date" at a friend's wedding (remember... St. Anthony Main?); coffee w/sharon AT sharon's sounds great!! I'll take a look at my calendar... my sales tax deadline is next week (UGH) and the pressure is on so it'll likely be a couple of weeks out. Talk to you soon!

Striving Green said...

Tina - I remember that hair so well! I like seeing the spiral perm again :-)

Mellissa said...

Wow! I had forgotten how long your hair used to be (we met in the mid-90s). Too funny!!!!