Monday, October 18, 2010

aside from my red-letter remarks, this post was written by the hubby

[This was originally posted 10/13/2008. Due to "popular" request my husband's incessant badgering, I am posting this again. Apparently, "the people need to be enlightened" again.]

For those of you who know him, you've likely heard this before:

"It is that time of year! Once again the Education Minnesota Professional Conference is upon us!"

"Wait...the what? Oh, you mean MEA."

"No, I mean the Education Minnesota Professional Conference. The MEA (Minnesota Education Association) does not exist. It has not existed for 10 years. Education Minnesota is the merger of the old MEA and the old MFT (Minnesota Federation of Teachers.) It happened back in 1998."

"Whatever, it's just a name. Everyone knows it as MEA. I'll just call it that."

"Are you married?"


"Are you married?"

"Yes. Why do you ask?"

"What was your maiden name?"


"And now?"


"Well I am going to refer to you as Ms. Pahula from now on. I mean, it's just a name right? Everyone knows you by that name too. So that's what I am calling you from now on, okay Ms. Pahula?"

"No, now my name is Meyer. I haven't gone by Pahula since I got married 10 years ago."

"Oh, you mean you and your husband decided to merge your lives together and when you did so you took on a new name?"

"Alright...I see your point."

Say it with me everyone... the Education Minnesota Professional Conference.

So for all of you enjoying (or soon-to-be-enjoying) the Education Minnesota Professional Conference break, remember - you heard it here first.

PS: Ren even corrected his Sunday school teacher when she made a reference to MEA break. Her response? "So how do you shorten that?" The hubby's response? "You don't."

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Amy said...

Hmmm...I see his point, and how since he is an employee of EM it means more to him than to us average Joes, but I just don't see the terminology changing any time soon. MEA = 3 short syllables vs. Education Minnesota Professional Conference = 15 syllables. Its like I tell people I'm an OT and no one gets it until I say, "It's like PT only we work from the waist up." OT will never get the recognition PT gets, despite it being around for decades, and yes, it frustrates me if I let it, but in the scheme of things, not so big. Sorry brother in law!

Mellissa said...

Thank you (and Hubby) for the education. I just referred to it today by the wrong name! Yikes! I will correct that!

Anonymous said...

Dave and I were just trying to remember the name. We remembered your angst from a conversation last year but couldn't remember those tricky initials. I think you should take it up next with Red Pine and RMS...they have it listed as MEA Break- start at the roots....:)