Friday, August 22, 2008

in my quest for new and unusual...

I found an interesting site where you can take a photo like this:

And turn it into something like this:

You can also create 3-D relief charms of your pet! For more information, click HERE. Too, you can also turn a photograph into a lamp or nightlight. The photograph is first carved using some "unique technique" and then assembled with a light behind the image. Very cool. Click HERE for details.

How about a personalized game of checkers? For real. Click HERE to learn more.

On a completely different, totally unrelated note... I shared a prayer request link HERE on July 30th. Fellow cropper/blogger/faithbooking friend Mellissa just received some AWESOME news!! Click HERE for an update on her situation. Thank you all for your prayers!!

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Mellissa said...

Thank you for passing along the Thank you to all who were praying! I am so grateful and am still flying! WHERE did you find a GIANT coffee cup like that?!!?? Oh, wait, I forgot who I was talking about! Of course *you* have a coffee cup that big!