Saturday, July 26, 2008

that's what friends are for...

Do you remember when Pippy invited my son Ren to celebrate his birthday in a very special way? Ren enjoyed himself so much he wanted to copy the celebration - activity for activity. So we ventured out to the Mall of America this morning, with Pippy in tow.

Here we are at Nickelodeon Universe; I lost a coin toss with the hubby.

The boys had a blast. I left feeling like I'd been in a car accident.

We moved on to less dangerous activities. Each of the boys adopted a pet from the Build-A-Bear Workshop and we ended our day with lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.

Now THAT was awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Pippy had a blast today; thank you! Hopefully Ren enjoyed it just as much and has a great bday. By the way - hope the "whip-lash" is better....rides can be dangerous...

Pippy says, "don't forget to give Ren his bday spankings :)"