Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Help, I've been abducted by my husband!"

The kids are away for the weekend and my hubby has big plans for our day. BIG PLANS. I'd barely woken up (yes, I slept in), when he decided to put together an itinerary for the day. (Note the bottle of acetaminophen next to my mug.)

Do you remember me telling you I'm an introvert? My "refill" time does not typically include a jam-packed day. On the other hand, my hubby is an introvert who LOVES just that sort of thing.

What do they say about marriage and the pain/process of two becoming one?

I tease... my hubby is a thoughtful, sweet, and spontaneous guy - and I love that he and I are different in so many ways. It makes life interesting. After I arrived home from a Creative Memories party, he told me not to get too comfy because he had plans for us. Secret plans.

He took me out for a grown-up ice cream drink because whenever we're out for dinner with the kids, I always talk about doing that when we're alone... thoughtful, I tell you. For that, I will even sacrifice my need for being alone and quiet and at home.

I'll even try to embrace the itinerary.

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