Sunday, January 20, 2008

errands can be dangerous.

At least they can be for us! I remember going out for ice cream several years ago and coming home with a new van. (Needless to say, we were sidetracked by the car dealership.)

And then there was today.

The plan was to check out Trader Joe's and maybe pick up a few groceries... we did that but came home with a new couch and chair as well. Let me defend this seemingly-impulsive-large-purchase by sharing a few facts about our current set:
  • It is 10 years old.
  • It has survived a cat and dog, our bouncing boys, and several years of daycare.
  • There is a large, stuffing-exposed tear on the arm of my favorite chair.
  • There are "stains" on two cushions from Lorenzo's tooth-pulling spree.
  • When we have company, we have to strategically adjust pillows and cushions to hide the various discolorations and tears.
So really, we knew this day was coming - we just didn't know it would be TODAY!

Just as we were being sucked into the shopping vortex, we ran into some old neighborhood friends. Thankfully, I had my camera in tow! The kids were so shy but I was able to convince them to stand next to each other for a blog-worthy shot.

As for Trader Joe's... it was fabulous!! The prices were very low and there was an enormous selection of organic and specialty food items. The store itself isn't very large but I could have spent hours there. I will be going back!


BLMOM said...

Love Trader Joes! Love the Go Fish Guys! I am enjoying your reading your blog. Funny post about going out to run errands and coming home with a new van. We did a similar "errand" last fall.

srima said...

Hey Tina - need more details: color scheme of new furniture - fabric choice - furniture style - new rules about activities while ON the new furniture. So I guess the low lighting while entertaining is out the window!!
Miss you - Sue
P.S. New pillows???

Tina Vega said...

Hi Sue - It was so funny because I really wanted to stay with a similar color (our old color was a moss green). I was dilly-dallying in the store and the salesperson finally recommended we just take the "pistachio" swatch home. I tossed it on the couch and it is the exact same color as the faded, aging "moss" fabric! The pillows will be the same color (we already have two pillows in a pattern used on another chair in the room).

We chose the very same UN-waterproof, UN-washable cotton fabric (I know, we should have learned...), this time with a little texture.

We already have a "no eating/drinking" rule in the livingroom, now it just means that the hubby and I might have to follow it.

Miss you too! We'll have to hook up soon for another coffee visit!!!

Anonymous said...

We went to buy a new dishwasher and hubby came home with a motorcycle. Well, he never drove one before so we had to call our friend to drive it home for us and park it in the garage until he could ride it. :-)


Tina Vega said...

That is so funny, Sharon!