Monday, December 31, 2007

kid quotes

I'd thought about making this post "cute kid quotes" but the subject matter doesn't really qualify. In fact, it's actually a bit gross but oh-so-funny I just had to share.

We had plans today to attend our final Christmas celebration which was about an hour and a half away from home. Shortly before leaving, our 7-year old began to complain of feeling full.

He'd hardly eaten anything for breakfast so this was not a good sign.

We hung around a bit longer and everything seemed to be fine; we decided to venture out. Before leaving, I tossed a bucket into the backseat as a precaution. Thank the good Lord I did because 20 minutes into the trip, he needed it!

Oh, the joys of parenting...

He felt much better afterwards. We, on the other hand, did not. Windows were quickly rolled down and noses were covered. Then, the sick boy began making jokes:

"Look at the chunks in the corner, isn't that cool?"

"I can tell by the colors it might have been the Fruit Loops."

"Blaaaaah. Blaaaaah." (Trying to scare us by pretending to do it again.)
I thought it best not to post pictures with this entry because it might be a bit distasteful. Moving on now to more palatable kid quotes...

Check out another new blog-find by clicking HERE. Lysa interviewed her teenage daughter - a GREAT IDEA for a scrapbook page. There's something about this kind of exchange that captures the heart of a relationship.

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