Thursday, January 5, 2012

treasure hunting

Picked up a couple of sweet deals while shopping in Nisswa. Our first stop, the Chocolate Ox:

chocolate ox

Which by the way, also appears to have a summer shop located on the property of Grand View Lodge. It was filled with lots of candy. LOTS. Everything from jelly beans to fancy chocolates. (They even had an ice cream counter!) I chose some old-fashioned candy sticks and this:


Um, yeah... chocolate-covered peanut brittle with a hint of cayenne - totally up my alley. Next stop was this cool shop that had a little bit of everything inside:

zaisers sign

Zaiser's is the name of the place. Not only did I find a bunch of unique things to share in an upcoming edition of 5 Fun Things, they had a large selection of itty bitty sterling earrings.


This pair is mine :) They even have little safety backs for young children. (Some of the earrings were so tiny they were clearly intended for munchkin ears only.)

I'm so fortunate to have boys who indulge my need for shop hopping (Tony even added to to the wintercation itinerary). Taking my own sweet time to browse through little shops is one of my favorite things to do. As silly as it sounds, I'm inspired by knick-knacks and handmade goodies. What inspires you?

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What inspires me? Tina Vega :)

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