Saturday, January 21, 2012

5 Fun Things Friday

5 Fun Things Friday

Sorry for the delay this week; I've been working behind the scenes on my new blog design. And it's been a giant, time-consuming pain, BUT... it's going to be SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Here's a teeny, tiny peek:

The change involves a new blog address, which is featured on the 5 Fun Things button above. I'm looking to "go live" on Monday, January 30, 2012.

Now, back to business. Below you'll find my 5 Favorite Things for the week:

1. I'm quite fond of color generators and used THIS ONE to help sync up all of my web colors. (You'll find the color hex values here in addition to all sorts of other tools.)


Big Huge Labs will also generate a color palette based on colors in a photo (how cool is that?!), click HERE to see how it works.

2. Sometimes the best "prop" is an outfit. This one would be perfect for a mini Valentine's Day session:

3. Stumbled upon this lovely piece of chocolate...

And thought it would make a beautiful Valentine's Day gift for someone special.

4. Love these vintage-inspired cards!

5. I've been craving COLOR lately and this dress is calling out to me:

Happy Belated Friday!!!

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