Sunday, November 6, 2011

welcome to my 2011 virtual open house & sale!


Believe it or not, this is be my 11th Annual Open House and Sale. In addition to receiving a 20% discount on all Creative Memories orders placed with me by phone or email this week, there will be daily prize drawings here on the blog.

Even better, those attending the Winter Scrapbooking Retreat Weekend in December will receive an extra 10% off, for a total 30% discount on CM orders placed this week!!! (Three retreat spots remain open, if you're interested in learning more about it click HERE.)

So be sure to check back often between now and Saturday, November 12, 2011 for multiple prize drawing opportunities. Speaking of which, our first prize drawing - a book I can't help but share this time of year:

unplug christmas machine

This book will inspire and empower you to take charge of the holiday season, celebrating the way you want with meaning and peace. If you tend to get swept up in the tide, the entire season a blur of spending, wrapping, and "obligations" (going through motions without heart), then this book is for you.

To enter the drawing, just add a comment to this post sharing one thing you most enjoy about the holiday season. A winner will be chosen and posted tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

My favorite part of Christmas is the two weeks off for "Winter Break", as it is known at school.

Amy W said...

So many favorites to choose from but I will have to go with a Peppermint Mocha on a snow day!

Mary T said...

My favorite part of the Christmas holidays was always seeing how excited the young children are for Santa to come and how hard it is for them to be on their best behavior.

KAPeterson said...

anything peppermint :)

Lori V said...

I love seeing Christmas through my daughter's eyes!