Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just call me the cider lady.

Our annual Halloween tradition lives on.

the set up

We started doing this eight(?) years ago as a way to get to know the neighbors AND to provide a little shelter from the harsh wind. (Our development was built smack dab in the middle of a field. A giant, empty field.)

our house

old skool

Instead of grown-ups waiting at the bottom of the driveway for their children, I woo them up with all sorts of treats.


pumpkin roll

I see many of the folks only once a year, but love that they remember and look forward to stopping by. I even met a family for a session last weekend and first thing they asked was, "Are you the cider lady?"


Yep I am :) Too, I cannot forget to share *this* lovely neighborly tradition as well.


(Apparently, the little guy with his eyes closed is very much in character.) The family dresses up in theme together every year - click HERE to check out one of my favorites!

We ended up with somewhere around 175-180 trick-or-treaters (more than 200 if you count all of the grown-ups). It was a fun and busy night. My boys, by the way:

the boys

A black-eyed "P" and shooting star. Perhaps I can convince the oldest to be my cider sidekick next year :)

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Christine said...

I love this! You go above and beyond that is for sure! I love those simple costume ideas too. We still don't have costumes for the kids but I think I could pull those together in a day! ha, ha!