Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Fun Things Friday

five fun things


A great online resource for supplies (with free shipping on purchases of $50+ to boot!) - click HERE to check out my favorite line for the holidays.

2. I'll be using the adorable Christmas line above for this awesome craft project below:

3. LOVE this craft project!!!!

4. I sampled THESE BARS at a neighbor's graduation party this summer...

And they were incredible.

5. Remember how I was hooked on the whole cakes-in-jars thing? How about PIES in jars?!!


The Etsy shop is called "Let Them Eat Pie" and can be found by clicking HERE.

Happy Friday!!!

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Tina Vega said...

Just wanted to add that the Christmas project is an advent calendar of activities to take part in - making memories together => my kind of advent calendar :)

Tina Vega said...

Too as an FYI, to see the "recipes" for the craft projects & bars, just click on the Pinterest link (which will first take you to Pinterest) & if you click again, you should be directed to the original authors' websites!

Heather said...

Can you send me the link to your favorite papers for the advent calendar? My computer doesn't like the link within your post. Also, I am not familiar at all with pinterest, but when I click on the craft for the advent calendar and then click again, I don't see any "instructions" for the advent calendar. Am I doing it wrong? Or didn't post any?
Thanks for your help.
Also, looked for pumpkin eggo's at Cub this AM and didn't find them yet, but can't wait! They sound yummy!!